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Super Magnetic Back Support

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Most golfers will experience back troubles at some point in their golfing lives with the degree of severity and the method of treatment varying greatly from golfer to golfer. Physiotherapy remains the preferred treatment for most players, but another option worth considering is the growing popularity of magnetic therapy and in particular magnetic back supports.

Designed to provide protective warmth and support for all our physical activities, this belt is especially effective for golfers in relieving everyday muscular aches and pains, supporting a weakness or injury and for those who suffer with chronic pain or ailments like arthritis. The magnetic back support is made from a lightweight anti-sweat material to suit our active lifestyles, and can be worn under clothes with comfort and confidence during your round. The belt is virtually undetectable, and most importantly, does not restrict your golf swing.

Magnetic therapy benefits for golfers include:

  • Pain relief of muscular stiffness & soreness, arthritic & rheumatic pain and sporting injuries.
  • Calming and relieving stress
  • Increasing blood circulation.

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is both one of the oldest forms of medical treatment and one of the newest. It is based on the effects of magnetic fields on the human body. We are an electromagnetic organism with electricity flowing through the nerves in our body just as electricity flows through a wire.

Magnetic therapy utilises the natural energy of magnetic fields to provide a DRUG-FREE, non invasive method of complementing the body's own healing process as it passes through the cells. It has been established that magnets can provide effective assistance in improving the blood flow, oxygen and fluid exchange that may help in the reduction of pain and inflammation. Studies also show that magnets can be an effective therapy for relief of pain by blocking pain sensations.

The devices used in this type of therapy range from small, simple magnetic discs to various body supports and large, sophisticated magnetic field generators capable of producing high-intensity magnetism.

Super Magnetic Back Support - in brief:

  • Provides protective warmth & support for all physical activities to facilitate recovery from injury.
  • Warms & relieves muscular aches & pains.
  • Provides temporary relief from the pain of arthritis & rheumatism.
  • Can be worn comfortably while playing golf.

Dr Bakst Magnetic Super Back Belt. Awarded US patent for magnetic pain relief technology.

All magnets are strategically and anatomically placed by Dr. Bakst to maximize proper placement, polarity, position, penetration and power.

All magnets are strategically and anatomically placed by Dr. Bakst to maximize proper placement, polarity, position, penetration and power.


  • 28 strategically and anatomically positioned, high powered Neodymium unipolar magnets.
  • 280,000 gauss power, providing deep penetration and more than 8 times stronger than a regular magnetic belt.
  • Made of superior quality, breathable neoprene, with adjustable velcro closure.
  • Maybe hand washed and hung to dry.

SIZES: Measure at waist

  • Small - 58cm to 81cm (23 inches to 32 inches)
  • Medium - 81cm to 102cm (32 inches to 40 inches)
  • Large - 102cm to 127cm (40 inches to 50 inches)

Cost: $AUD 209.00

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