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A Beginner's Guide to Golf Gear: What You Need and What You Don't

There is a lot to consider when you first take up golf. There is so much equipment available and so many conflicting accounts of what you need to get started. In this article we will lay out the absolute essentials for anyone just starting out on their golf journey. 

Here is a beginner's guide to golf gear: what you need and what you don’t.

1. A Reliable Set of Clubs
The first thing that you are of course going to need is a set of golf clubs. As you get to know other golfers you are going to be recommended sets of clubs that cost a small fortune. As a beginner, however, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your first set of clubs. Get yourself a reliable set of irons, woods, two wedges and a putter as well as a nicely weighted driver. Make sure that you choose a forgiving driver that will impact the ball cleanly even if your technique is off. The driver is the most important club because a bad tee shot is going to leave you playing catch up for the rest of the hole. To carry your clubs, scout out a light but durable golf bag from a good brand that has a design that suits you.

2. A Good number of Golf Balls

The next thing that you are going to need when you first start playing golf is a good number of golf balls. When you first start out there is no point buying expensive balls as they don’t make any difference to a beginner’s game and you are just going to lose a lot of them anyway. Losing balls is a natural thing that every new golfer goes through so just choose affordable balls that have a nice feeling when you hit them. As you start to grow as a player you will experiment with different balls and see how they react to your playing style, but for now, don’t worry about the balls too much, just focus on hitting them straight.

3. A Few Golf Tees

There are many different lengths of the tee so the first thing you need to determine is which tee height you feel most comfortable with. Try out a few of your friend’s tees and you will have a good idea the best length for you. If you are still not sure, buy longer tees for now and then you can just push it further into the ground as required. If your driver has an especially big head, then consider a tee that is between 3 and 4 inches to make sure the ball is raised enough from the ground for a cleaner impact.

4. A Comfortable Golf Glove

Your grip is one of the most important factors in your game as it is the link between your swing and your club. A bad grip will lead to bad technique which will result in a bad shot. Golf gloves are designed to optimize your grip as well as protect your hand. Just as with your golf balls and tees, you should not spend a lot of money on your glove, just choose a glove that feels comfortable and does the job. Choose a reputable brand and it should last longer but make sure that you do some research online and shop around. All the equipment that you need will be far cheaper online than it will be in the pro-shop at your golf club. The only time you should really make any purchases in the pro-shop is if there is an emergency situation.

5. Comfortable Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are a very important piece of golf equipment as they will help provide a good footing during your bunker and rough shots and will also provide comfort and support as you walk long distances around the course. Many golf courses will not let you play without proper golf shoes so they are really an essential buy, even when you start out, but you don’t need to break the bank. Whilst branded pairs will be more expensive, they will last longer, and as you will be getting a lot of use out of them, a nice pair of golf shoes will be a good investment.

Starting to play golf is very exciting, but can also be quite overwhelming with so much gear available. The important thing to remember is that there is no point buying the very best equipment when you are still learning the game. Shop around and choose equipment that is affordable and comfortable and allows you to improve round by round.